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CIFS Mount

  • Create a credential file (a plain text file name chosen by user)

    with the following contents


    NOTE: For systems that will used by multiple users, the Support Team can set up a generic userID and password to

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GridFTP: Using the Globus web interface to manage data transfers

GridFTP is a high-performance, secure, reliable data transfer protocol optimized for high-bandwidth wide-area networks. The GridFTP protocol is based on FTP, the highly-popular Internet file transfer protocol and offers one of the best solutions to moving large amounts of data. …

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Linux: Connect to Server – Mount A Network Folder

The steps for Connect to Server/Mount a Network Folder may vary slightly across different Linux distributions. The example steps below apply to Red Hat based distributions (but will likely be similar on other distributions).

  1. From the linux start menu go
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Windows: Map A Network Drive

To map (mount) a network drive, right click the desktop computer icon and select
Map network drive…


Select a drive letter and enter the folder that you would like to mount and click the Finish button.


Enter your NetID and …

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Windows: Connect to Server – File Explorer

Open windows file explorer (not the web browser) by double clicking the computer desktop icon


and type in the URL \\\<share_name> and then press the enter(return) key.


Enter your NetID and password when prompted and the click the OK button.…

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Mac Connect to Server Option

In the Finder, choose Go > “Connect to Server” (⌘K).

In the Server Address box, enter:


You can also specify your share name:



and click the Connect button.

You will be prompted to enter your name and password. …

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smbclient on Linux

This is an ftp-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources.
The syntax is:

    smbclient -W UOFI -U <UserID>//

After you enter your password, you will get a smb prompt:

    Domain=[UOFI] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 4.0.0rc4]

    smb: \>
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Active Data Storage – User Guide


Active Data Storage (ADS) provides projects with reliable mid-scale storage at an affordable cost.  Use models include: online backups, storage for the hosting of large data sets, operational data storage and scratch space for analysis, mid-term data storage for …

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Active Data Storage – Service Level Description for Users

  Active Data Storage
Service Level Definition

The term of this agreement is for _________________ [duration in months/years] beginning on ___________________ [date] for _____ TB of ADS storage.

Service Overview
The Active Data Storage (ADS) service is an ongoing …

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Active Data Storage

Place-OrderActive Data Storage (ADS) is a partnership between the RDSNCSA, and Tech Services. Projects can rely on the ADS to meet mid-scale storage needs such as online backups, hosting of large datasets, operational data storage and scratch space for analysis, …

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