Data Management [and Sharing] Plan Reviews

What is a Data Management [and Sharing] Plan?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) or a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP), here referred to simply as a “Plan,” is usually a short (normally two page) document submitted with grant applications to describe the data management practices that will be adopted during a research project. In response to the OSTP Public Access Memo from 2013, most funding agencies require a Plan with every funding proposal. NIH will require a Plan beginning January 25, 2023. Funders typically outline or link to their Plan requirements in their funding announcements, and each RFP/RFA/PA can vary! Plans can play a role in a funder’s award decision. 

How do I write a Plan?

Many people prefer to work with a template when writing a Plan. A list of funder templates has been created by DMPTool to assist researchers in the creation of Plans. DMPTool allows you to fill in the necessary sections and provides example plans and language. We also offer a generic template for unfunded research, an NSF-ENG template, and quick DMP Best Practices guide in our resources.

Who can help with Plans?

The Research Data Service provides fast, free, and confidential feedback on draft Plans. We work with library-based subject experts so that our feedback incorporates disciplinary and data management expertise. Send us your draft Plan, funding announcement, and Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) deadline by email or filling out this form.  If you’ve created your Plan in the DMPTool, then select the “Request Feedback” option on the last page of your Plan template to contact us for a review.