Data Management Workshops

What is a data management workshop?

Data management workshops are led by Research Data Service staff, and cover best practices on topics such as metadata and documentation, file naming conventions, backups, and data publication. Each workshop is normally 50 minutes in length. We also offer a longer section which covers all of these topics in 90 minutes. For specialized workshops, we collaborate with subject liaisons for the respective department.

How do I attend a data management workshop?

General workshops: everyone is welcome to attend our general workshops! We update this page at the beginning of each semester. See below for the most up to date workshops and information.

Specialized workshops: these are normally requested by a department and attended by their faculty, staff or students. Workshop attendance instructions will be shared internally. We don’t provide list of these workshops on our the website.

What if I want help right now?

If you want to get started right away, or just prefer to work at your own pace, check out our Self-Guided Workshop option.

Can I request a special topic?

Yes, Research Data Service provides several specialized data management workshops. We are also happy to visit labs and other research units to provide specialized data management talks and workshops. We can also conduct focus groups to learn the needs of your group and develop the content around it.

Request a workshop (specialized workshop):

  • Would your department, team, or student group like a customized data management talk or workshop? RDS regularly works with teams of all sizes and disciplines to remix our core data management presentations and activities for their needs. Let us know how we can advise your team on principles or practices by emailing us or filling out this form

General workshops:

  • Through out the semester, we offer general workshops on data management topics. The information about the date, time, and location of the workshops can be found below. Those workshops are also available for request by emailing us or filling out this form


General Workshop Descriptions

Introduction to Data Management (Date, time): Participants will learn the benefits of best practices for managing research data.
Goals: Identify elements of data management, realize its importance, develop organizational strategies, and create your own data documentation.

Data Documentation (Date, time): A hands on workshop that will give you experience using various types of documentation and strategies for writing useful documentation. Bring a dataset you’d like to work with if you have one.
Goals: Understand elements of good documentation, evaluate an example, and apply knowledge.

Data Sharing (Date, time): This workshop will cover the basic steps of research data sharing and publication.
Goals: Understand why researchers share their data, evaluate discipline relevant repositories, apply knowledge to depositing your own data.

  • Workshops and activities materials:
    • All our workshop materials are available on IDEALS.
  • Check out our virtual Data Kit to learn and practice data management skills.