Self-Guided Workshop

This Self-Guided Data Management Workshop contains much of the information the Research Data Service covers in live workshops and webinars, but in an online format you can access anytime. If you would prefer to host a live workshop, please contact us to request one.

What’s in it?

  • An introduction to the research data management lifecycle
  • Helpful tips and terminology
  • Links to carefully curated and trustworthy resources

Who is it for?

  • New researchers will get a solid foundation in data management best practices.
  • Experienced researchers will find plenty of practical tips for improving your existing data management habits.
  • Most of the information applies to anyone. Any resources exclusive to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign are flagged with the “I” logo.

How to use it

The interactive Prezi allows you to move through each of the topics in order, or to chart your own path by clicking on any topic that interests you. At any point, hover over the right margin to reveal the home button that will take you back to the main lifecycle page shown below.

Screen capture of the Research Data Managment Lifecycle Prezi, which centers on a cycle diagram with the following six stages proceeding clockwise from top right: plan, collect, analyze, share/secure, preserve, and reuse. Each of the six stages is surrounded by three circles representing subtopics. Annotations indicate how to navigate the Prezi. Click on any subtopic to explore more information, or use the left and right arrows at the bottom center to click through the topics in order. Hover on the right margin to reveal two navigation buttons: home and up arrow.


The Prezi format relies on point-and-click navigation, and uses simulated movement that may be jarring for some users. This content is also available as a Google Doc and in html.

Suggested Citation

Caldrone, S., & Phegley, L. (2022). Self-Guided Research Data Lifecycle Workshop [Prezi]. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.